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Tower Defense game created by Michael Probst, Christian Telefont, and Johannes Unterguggenberger during Austria Game Jam 2016 in Vienna.

Defend a marvellous forest glade against an ever increasing number of foes. Just as you abandon all hope to defeat the masses, activate an UBER-WEAPON for the last stand.


  • Use your mouse to look around (move to borders, scroll to zoom)
  • Click on the terrain to open the build menu
  • Right-click to drag the build location for a tower
  • Right-click to dismiss a build menu
  • Click on a tower to open the build menu
  • Hotkeys:
    • 1 ... select cannon tower
    • 2 ... select laser tower
    • Space ... confirm
    • Esc ... cancel


AbandonAllHopeTD_Data.zip 72 MB